Pen pouch for 2 pens #1 kimono-obi black&gold flower

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A pen case with a pen bed that allows you to gently place your precious pens using the pen holder of the clasp.
It's sized to fit large pens, so you can store both large and small pens together.

[Size] Width 9cm×Length18.5cm
(Folded and wrapped with string)
→It is the size that Pelikan M1000 and Montblanc 146 / 149 and also XL-size(Namiki#50) are included.
[Weight of body] 48g
[Materials used]
・Outer fabric : vintage kimono-obi silk with gold thread embroidery
(ultra-fine micro fiber fabric from Teijin,Japan)
※This cloth is suitable for lacquered surfaces.
・String:Japanese Sanada-string Cotton
・Fastener:Hinoki natural wood+Fuki-urushi and Raden (abalone) urushi coating

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¥18,000 tax included