Pen sleeve for 1 pen #8 Oshima-tsumugi brown × flower

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[Size] Width 3.5cm×Length16.5cm
(Folded and wrapped with string)
→Pen size that can be stored: Pelikan M1000 and Montblanc 146 / 149
[Weight of body] 9g
[Materials used]
・Outer fabric : vintage kimono fabric silk "Oshima-tsumugi"
※ This kimono fabric is no longer available, so this product is limited.
(ultra-fine micro fiber fabric from Teijin,Japan)
※This cloth is suitable for lacquered surfaces.
・String:Sanada-string Silk
・Kohaze(fasteners):acrylic resin+Raden (abalone) urushi coating

★This product is also sold at zenmarket. If it has been sold on zenmarket, it may be canceled.
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¥10,000 tax included