Chrysanthemum Maki-e Raden brooch 菊花蒔絵螺鈿ブローチ

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It is a gorgeous broach with gold petals and abalone shells that shine from various angles.
A lot of pure gold powder is used.

使用素材: 天然木カツラ/天然漆(9割方日本産漆使用)/あわび貝/純金粉(24金)/銀粉
金具: 真鍮+金メッキ+透漆塗り
厚み(高さ):8mm (金具含まず)

Material used: Natural wood katsura/ Natural lacquer (90% Japanese lacquer "URUSHI" is used) / Abalone shell / Pure gold powder (24 gold) /Silver powder
Metal fittings: brass + gold plated+ Transparent lacquer urushi
Weight: 3 g
Length: diameter 25 mm
Thickness (height): 8 mm (Does not include the length of the metal fittings)
Production period: About a year and a half

★技法 Technique
★表面 Front
・Blue surface: Raden technique:
 It is made by placing abalone shells one by one and sprinkling gold powder.Then, Japanese lacquer is applied and sharpened.
・Gold part: Taka-Maki-e (gold powder raising): Petals are drawn one by one with Japanese lacquer and sprinkled with gold powder to create a three-dimensionally raised finish. The surrounding edging is also gold powder. In order to bring out the brilliance of gold, Japanese lacquer is rubbed many times to make it glossy.

★裏面 Back side
It is sprinkled with silver powder and coated with transparent lacquer to give it a glossy luster finish.After attaching the metal fittings, I applied transparent lacquer on top of each other, and then sprinkled felt powder using lacquer as an adhesive.

All products are made by "Yukari Mochizuki" alone.
I spend a lot of time making it while facing the precious lacquer, so I can never do the same thing again.

Accessories: Vintage kimono cloth pouch
(Outer material: Vintage kimono cloth, Lining: Urushi clean)
→ Please use for storage and carrying.

Urushi Clean is a cloth woven with ultra-fine fibers that are familiar for the care of lacquer ware.
Each piece is handmade with the cloth selected for this work.
The pattern of the kimono is a pattern of chrysanthemum petals that matches the broach.
Accessories are outsourced to my mother, who is good at Needlework.

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Thank you for your understanding.

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