Polyhedron Raden Maki-e brooch 多面体螺鈿蒔絵ブローチ

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A brooch with a beautiful brilliance of abalone shells.

使用素材: 日本産竹/天然漆(8割方日本産漆使用)/あわび貝/純金粉(24金)/純銀粉
金具: 真鍮+ロジウムメッキ+透漆塗り
長さ:縦42mm 横34mm(最大値)

Material used: Bamboo from Japan / Natural lacquer (80% Japanese lacquer "URUSHI" is used) / Abalone shell / Pure gold powder (24 gold) / Sterling silver powder
Metal fittings: brass + rhodium plated+ Transparent lacquer urushi
Weight: 8g
Length: Length 42mm Width 34mm (maximum)
Thickness (height): 10 mm
Production period: Approximately 1 year

★技法 Technique
★表面 Front
・Blue surface: Raden technique:
 Abalone shells are placed one by one, lacquered and sharpened.
・Silver surface: Togidashi-Maki-e:
Three types of sterling silver powder are sown, smeared with lacquer, and sharpened.
・Line drawing part: Taka-Maki-e: (Gold powder raising)
Pure gold powder is sprinkled on the line drawn with Urushi, and the line part is raised once.
From the raised part, drew with Urushi again, sprinkled pure gold powder, polished it.

★裏面 Back side
After attaching the metal fittings, Urushi is applied many times.
After that, sterling silver powder is sprinkled, painted with transparent Urushi, and sharpened to give a glossy Roiro finish.
Fine felt powder is sprinkled on the opening and closing parts of the metal fittings using Urushi as an adhesive.

All products are made by "Yukari Mochizuki" alone.
I spend a lot of time making it while facing the precious lacquer, so I can never do the same thing again.

Accessories: Vintage kimono cloth pouch
(Outer material: Vintage kimono cloth, Lining: Urushi clean)
→ Please use for storage and carrying.

Urushi Clean is a cloth woven with ultra-fine fibers that are familiar for the care of lacquer ware.
Each piece is handmade with the cloth selected for this work.
The pattern of the kimono is a traditional Japanese auspicious pattern.
Accessories are outsourced to my mother, who is good at Needlework.

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If it has been sold on zenmarket, it may be canceled.
Thank you for your understanding.

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