Hexagon Raden Maki-e Necklace 六角形螺鈿蒔絵ネックレス

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A necklace made from hexagonal natural wood (Marasu) and lacquered using natural lacquer.
It shines in various ways depending on the viewing angle and how the light hits it.

I made a hexagonal Maki-e work to enhance the brilliance of natural shellfish and gold powder.
You can use either the Raden on the front or the gold Maki-e work on the front.

ペンダントトップ長さ:37mm 最大径:10mm
ネックレス紐 :日本産本革 約40cm
革紐留め具 : 真鍮+ロジウムメッキ
留め具 : 純銀SV925

重量 : 4g
制作期間 : 約1年

Pendant top Length: 37mm / Maximum diameter: 10mm
Necklace string : Genuine leather (Made in Japan) 40cm
Strap fastener: Brass + Rhodium plating
Necklace fasteners: Sterling silver SV925
Production period:Approximately 1 year
Material used: Natural wood / Natural lacquer URUSHI (90% Japanese lacquer is used) / Abalone shell / Pure gold powder (24K) / Kyoto opal


It's made of wood, so it's very light.
The necklace is also recommended for those who are not good at wearing it because it is heavy.
Maras wood is an imported material, but it is hard and durable.
This wood is also used for forklift pallets and chopsticks.

★技法 Technique
★ Blue glowing surface (including on the surface): Raden technique (abalone shell)
→ While watching the light of the abalone shells, place them one by one, apply lacquer over and over again, and sharpen them to produce shellfish surface.

★ Golden surface : Togidashi-Maki-e
→ Three types of pure gold powder of different sizes are sown, smeared with lacquer and sharpened.

★ Green side (under the side) : Raden technique (Kyoto Opal)
→ Similar to the Raden technique, fine dust Kyoto opal is selected one by one, lacquered and sharpened.

Kyoto opal is a material made by Kyocera Corporation's unique gem synthesis technology in Japan, based on the same quartz particles as natural opal. It is a material that overcomes the brittleness peculiar to opal. It goes well with lacquering and is also used in the field of lacquering "urushi".

All products are made by "Yukari Mochizuki" alone.
I spend a lot of time making it while facing the precious lacquer, so I can never do the same thing again.

Accessories: Vintage kimono cloth pouch
(Outer material: Vintage kimono cloth, Lining: Urushi clean)
→ Please use for storage and carrying.

Urushi Clean is a cloth woven with ultra-fine fibers that are familiar for the care of lacquer ware.
Each piece is handmade with the cloth selected for this necklace.
The pattern of the kimono is a traditional Japanese auspicious pattern.
Accessories are outsourced to my mother, who is good at needlework.

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